Sunshine Scholarship

Purpose: To foster the continued development of our Region’s members as leaders and scholars. This scholarship is intended to support the continued education of the recipient. There will be as many as five $500 scholarships depending on the pool of applicants and the Region’s resources.


The student must…

  • Be currently enrolled and be a member in good standing.
  • Be pursuing an Associate or Baccalaureate degree at a college with a Phi Theta Kappa chapter in the Florida Region
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 college-level credit hours
  • Have at least a 3.5 GPA verified by the submission of an official transcript.
  • Complete an essay based on the assigned questions.
  • Have two letters of recommendation, one from a Phi Theta Kappa advisor and one from an academic instructor (see below).
  • Have not been a recipient of the Sunshine Scholarship previously.

In an organized and well-written essay of between 500 and 750 words, the applicant will succinctly describe their growth and experience as a leader serving their college and community. The applicant will cite specific examples of such leadership and service.

Letters of Recommendations
  • One letter from a chapter advisor highlighting the applicant’s leadership skills and experience, as well as service.
  • One letter from an instructor highlighting the applicant’s demonstration of academic excellence in their course. 
Deadline for Submission

May 15th, 2023

Scan and email all materials to:

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will be comprised of the Florida Region’s Advisory Board and two or more individuals who are not affiliated with any Phi Theta Kappa chapter in the Florida Region. Any Advisory Board member who has a chapter member applying for this scholarship will recuse him or herself from the Selection Committee.